Our real estate investment team – active and analytical

Real estate is an active investment. It takes work to see the wealth build. We have a structured process and criteria for how we analyze what we believe will be a quality transaction for all parties involved.

We started as a property management company, and have grown into a two-prong approach, with an additional division dedicated to real estate investments throughout the Metro DC area and South Carolina.

Who We Are

Pete Brock

Meet Square 1 Property Management owners, Pete and Peter.

This business partnership first started when Peter was only 9 years old and was a paper delivery boy for the Washington Post. Pete and Peter would wake up at 3:30am every day, load a few hundred newspapers in the family van, and drive around making deliveries for people’s morning read.

Why? Because Pete believed Peter should learn the value of work and making a dollar. Pete made sure Peter walked every paper up to the door step of every house because no one likes walking to the end of their driveway in the rain or cold to get it.


Peter A. Brock II

It’s that commitment to customer service that serves as a foundation for today’s business team 20+ years later. Square 1 is committed to make your life easier, and has the business model to prove it!

Pete provides many years of real estate and business administration background to give property owners the confidence they are investing their cash in a sustainable and solid company. Complimenting that, Peter has spent several years in the real estate and mortgage finance industry, ensuring property owners that tenants have been properly evaluated for their income abilities to meet rent payments.

We’re not just property managers, we’re income stream facilitators!