Q: What we’re looking for?
A: Homes needing to be sold quickly, with a cash offer – single-family, townhome, or 1-4 multi-unit properties.

Q: How fast can we close?
A: While real estate can contain a variety of factors influencing this, we’re typically able to close in 15-21 days.

Q: What areas do we cover?
A: The Metro DC area and South Carolina.

Q:Why would someone need our services?
A: You could have inherited a property and don’t want to maintain it. Perhaps you need to move quickly because of the purchase of a new home and need a cash buyer. You may be a seasoned wholesaler and interested in facilitating a FSBO sale. We work with people for all kinds of reasons!

Q:What’s the best way to contact us?
A: Whatever works best for you! We’ll be glad to reply via email, text, or an ol’ fashioned phone call!