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The Art of the Upgrade: How to Make Your Home Move-in Ready

What kind of home do you like to live in? Marble – no wait, I think granite is in now – counter-tops? How about some solid cherry hardwood floors? Ok, no, heated bathroom floors! Now we’re talking right??!!… Read More

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Cash-Out Refinance to Your Rental Real Estate Income

Square I Property Management interviewed residential mortgage loan officer CHARLIE MILLER from MOVEMENT MORTGAGE to teach you about cash-out refinances! Why? Because we want to bring you all the relevant info you need to learn how to create… Read More


Winter in Real Estate – Inventory, Renovations, & Planning

The winter tends to be a slower time in real estate. People are coming off of the holidays, not in the mood to make big decisions, and it’s just cold… But there are three aspects of the real… Read More

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Real Estate Investors – Plans for 2023?

Real estate investment planning is almost always centered around money – and for good reason! But there are other things to consider. And failing to do so, will make your investment goals harder to reach. As you set… Read More

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Rental Property Cash Flow

Purchasing a rental property, or converting a home you’re leaving into one can be a great idea. It takes strategy, a little financial acuity, patience, and organization. After that, it’s a matter of keeping pace with the operations… Read More

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More on Management

Property Management – The Real Estate Investment Advisor Interestingly enough, property managers and a financial advisors have something in common – they are managing your investments. Some people have one IRA, some people have one rental property. Some… Read More