The Art of the Upgrade: How to Make Your Home Move-in Ready

Rehab House

What kind of home do you like to live in? Marble – no wait, I think granite is in now – counter-tops? How about some solid cherry hardwood floors? Ok, no, heated bathroom floors! Now we’re talking right??!!

Maybe there’s a dream home for all of us, but if it were your dream home, you’re probably more concerned with living in it than renting it to someone else.

So how do you make your rental units the dream home for a tenant? There are 3 upgrades required every time you have a tenant change:

1) Carpet Cleaning – Clean carpets are severely underestimated. People don’t ever fully appreciate freshly cleaned carpets until they see them. Vacuuming is one thing. And a freshly steamed carpet is even better. But the real deal, industrial cleaning provided by a professional service, is a game changer in any home.

2) Minor repairs – The devil is in the details. And that’s true for vacant properties too. Loose screws, chipped paint, cracked tiles, squeaky closet doors, are all examples of small repairs that simply need to be done so prospective tenants can walk and say, “Oh, this place is well-kept.”

3) Landscaping – Look, your rental doesn’t need to be in Lawn and Garden magazine, but a fresh layer of mulch, a good bush trimming, edging around tree beds and other areas, and some good weeding will make your rental look like much better. The real estate world calls it “curb appeal,” and it matters.

So when you’re going through your next tenant change, be sure and cross these three items off your list so you stand out to your prospective tenants as a property owner who cares.

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